me myself and I

My name is Sandra ( alias Blue the Dreamer ) and I am a self taught fine-art photographer from Germany.
I call myself a dreamer, cause all images I create are like day- or lucid dreams. They are like worlds I want to live in.

When I was younger, I’ve always loved to tell stories and after writing poetry and prose, I’ve found myself telling stories through photography.
Every photoshoot is based on a concept, cause to me it is very important to draw the observer into my fairytale world. They should identify themselves with it. Even when those fairytales sometimes seems to be very dark.
With just myself, special props, which I often create on my own and photoshop manipulation an artwork is able to come to life.

Photography is a medium to me, where I’m allowed to show my emotions, where I can be a multitude of myself, living in all those stories, all those worlds and be able to see more than the obvious. I want to encourage people to be an individual without being anxious. I want to make a change. .